Bioandro Stan-10 Stanazolol 100 tablets 10 mg


/Stanozolol 10mg/100 

Stan is an anabolic steroid which is stanozolol ingredient medicine. It is used for patient of hereditary angioedema and anaemia. stanozolol tablets are widely used in athletics as it stimulate appetite and increases bone density in body. Stanozolol tablets are in available in 10mg. this tablet gains good in strength, vascularity and muscle tone. It is a first choice of athletics as its active ingredient is a well-liked remedy for drying, combined with primobolan the parabolan. Regular use of Stanozolol tablets 10mg can give high growth in muscles and also helps to reconstruct tissues which become weak because of injuries or illness.

  • It is recommended to consult your medical adviser before using this product.

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